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Special Care Dentistry





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Author(s)/Editor(s): Fiske, Janet; Dickinson, Chris; Boyle, Carole; Rafique, Sobia; Burke, Mary
Fotos:53 illus (mostly color)

People who have a mild or moderate disability - whether physical, sensory, intellectual, mental, medical, emotional, or social in nature - can and should receive dental care in mainstream clinics and private practices. In most cases, however, the average clinician has no training or experience in treating this population of patients. This book examines the principles governing special care dentistry and provides knowledge, information, and practical advice for the entire dental team to facilitate its delivery.

1. Understanding Special Care Dentistry (J Fiske) 
2. Managing the oral health of the patient with a physical disability (C Dickinson) 
3. Sensory disability (J Fiske) 
4. Managing the patient with a learning disability (J Fiske) 
5. Managing the patient with mental illness (J Fiske) 
6. Managing patients who require antibiotic cover (C Boyle) 
7. Managing the immunocompromised patient (C Dickinson) 
8. Managing the patient having radiotherapy (M Burke) 
9. Managing patients with bleeding disorders (S Rafique) 
10. Managing pronounced gag reflexes (C Dickinson) 
11. Patient management through non-invasive treatment (S Rafique) 
12. Sedation and general anaesthesia in Special Care Dentistry (C Boyle) 
Special care dentistry is special on many counts. Patients requiring special care dentistry pose special challenges; special skills and knowledge are integral to successful clinical outcomes, and special care and attention is fundamental to the planning and effective delivery of care.

This book is timely, given the growing need and demand for special care dentistry around the world. Advances in healthcare, people living longer, and attitudinal changes in society are but three of the many, varied reasons for the growth and increasing practice of special care dentistry.

In the provision of oral healthcare to individuals with disabilities, disorders and other conditions falling within the scope of special care dentistry, the most appropriate and effective treatment may be relatively straightforward and minimally interventive - indeed, often the simpler the better, but the management of the patient tends to be complex and challenging. Understanding and dealing with these complexities and challenges is the focus of this excellent addition to the highly successful, wide-ranging Quintessentials of Dental Practice series: comprehensive, yet succinct; authoritative, but pragmatic; and of immediate clinical relevance, rather than theoretical. To add to these qualities, this book is most engaging and easy to read, given the carefully crafted text, supported by numerous high-quality illustrations.

Practitioners, let alone students, and even those with special interests in the field will extend and enhance their understanding and appreciation of special care dentistry in the few hours it takes to read this book from cover to cover - an enjoyable, thought-provoking and informative experience. And once read, this book will become a trusted reference text to turn to for practical guidance and situation-saving clinical tips. All in all, another gem in the bejewelledQuintessentials’ crown.

© 2007

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